Events: 14th December 2018

The Central Arizona IANDS (CAI) Sharing / Discussion Group (SDG) meets at 6:00 pm monthly on the second Friday on the month, until fifteen minutes before the speaker starts.  (From 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm) For months with no speaker, the CAI Sharing group will meet from 6pm to 8pm. These CAI/SDG small group events … Continue reading “Mesa IANDS – Sharing / Discussion Group (SDG)”

Shawna Ristic is an intuitive healer and body therapist who was called to healing others after a near death experience (NDE) following an accident at the age of 19. Shawna will share her powerful and motivating NDE story and the subsequent transformative process that has informed the last two decades of her life. She shares … Continue reading “A Journey to Oneness”