Arizona IANDS Experience Sharing

We have two primary meeting styles:

Guest Speaker Presentations

Prominent individuals, often noted authors, that share their experiences and / or research with the audience, followed by Q&A. These are scheduled monthly from October through May.
Details about these events can be found on this web site.

Sharing / Discussion Small Groups

A support style format that’s primary purpose is to create a safe, peer group for sharing and exploring near-death and similar experiences plus related topics. Open to experiencers and interested others. Guided by facilitators to promote respect for individual uniqueness.
Plus, occasional bonus events… workshops, informational videos, social gatherings, etc

Dr. Kenneth Ring, psychologist, researcher, founder of IANDS and co-author of the book “Lessons from the Light” published after 20 years studying the NDE phenomenon, coined the term “benign virus”, to describe the effect on people exposed to the subject as being similar to the transformational after-effects noted in people who have these experiences.

Nearly 40 years of research demonstrate that when people learn about near-death and similar experiences, they are positively transformed like the experiencers themselves as follows:

  1. Loss of fear of death.
  2. ​Less materialistic, more altruistic in use of time and resources.
  3. More compassionate and loving.
  4. ​More sensitive to the effect of one’s behavior on others.
  5. ​More spiritual and less dogmatically religious or atheistic.

Our mission is to enable these transformations globally… you can help … Join or Renew now!


And a wonderful reminder of a key message from exploring this mission – enjoy the following:

There Is A Light ….