Ingrid Honkala, PhD

Trust Your Intuition and Rediscover Your Inner Guidance Workshop

Day of event: $45 non-member, $40 AZ IANDS member

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When we are connected to higher wisdom and tuning into divine guidance the possibilities are unlimited. Trusting our intuition and following that guidance can literally be a matter of life or death. This workshop will cover real life examples throughout my life of being protected by Beings of Light and the spirits who lived in our house. This protection and the willingness to follow intuition came in many different ways ranging from surviving a drowning at the age of two, hearing guidance such as “run”, to physical protection offered by a stray dog, to being given a cloak of invisibility, and the power of invincibility/invulnerability, which saved me and others from severe injury or certain death. This protection was given to me as well as those around me and the stories are astonishing and extreme. In contrast I will also share one the hardships I had to endure when I chose not to listen to guidance. A positive impact from these experiences was leveraging my own lessons to be learned and a complete change in the belief system of the witnesses about the existence and protection offered by the spirit realm, and the rediscovering of their own inner guidance.


  • Recount astonishing stories of following life-saving divine guidance.
  • Learn to hear and follow your own intuition.
  • Learn to reconnect with your inner-guidance by increasing self-awareness and raising your vibrational frequency.
  • Rediscover your super-power when you become One with Source.


  • Sharing the stories in an interactive way with the audience.
  • Offer guidance on how to rewire our subconscious mind and to raise our vibrational frequency.
  • Share meditation practices to increase our state of awareness.
  • Questions and answers.

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