Events at Advent Episcopal Church

Tricia Barker experienced a profound near-death experience during her senior year of college, and this experience guided her to teach overseas, in public schools, and at the college level.  Her near-death experience story has been featured on I Survived:  Beyond and Back, Season 1, Episode 5 and covered in National Geographic’s April 2016 article “The … Continue reading “Healed”

In 2001 Ginny retired from a career in the field of private security to focus on resolving emerging medical issues, including debilitating pain and fatigue. From the very first consultation with her rheumatologist she was handed a prescription for narcotics which she refused. In 2009 her doctor handed her a Fentanyl lollipop and in 2013 … Continue reading “Near Death Experiencer”

Deirdre Dewitt Maltby shares her story of a journey through a complex Near Death Experience (NDE) encountered during a twelve day coma resulting from a near fatal car accident. Glimpsing the other side of life’s veil, and that of her own soul came the realization she was being held by the very essence that had … Continue reading “The Near Death Experience: Meanings, Messages and Gifts …for Everyone!”

Michell Powers was born with the gift to see, hear and communicate with angels. Born with severe deformities of her legs, Michell was forced to endure significant surgical corrections. She has memories of the presence of angels surrounding her and the doctors to provide guidance and support during critical key operations. After leaving the hospital … Continue reading “Communication with Angels”

Jose, an engineer by trade prior to his experience, was, like most other NDErs, psychologically unprepared for how his life would be dramatically different after his experience. Adjusting to those differences takes time and, as with most experiences having a depth like his, the sensory recollection of the experience cannot be adequately described in the … Continue reading “Inner Immersion”

In 2015, Lee’s wife Sheri passed away after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Lee says, “I visited that area between life and death, where Sheri was stuck and helped her reconcile with her long-dead parents.” Come and learn the important message his wife wanted to give to the world about making peace with our past.