Joe Hernandez

Inner Immersion

Jose, an engineer by trade prior to his experience, was, like most other NDErs, psychologically unprepared for how his life would be dramatically different after his experience. Adjusting to those differences takes time and, as with most experiences having a depth like his, the sensory recollection of the experience cannot be adequately described in the vocabulary of a human language. Many near-death experiences attempt to describe the ultra-real nature of their conscious experience and will frequently mention that it has attributes like colors which don’t exist in the normal realm of everyday, earthly human consciousness.

Along with the struggle to comprehend his experience and how to adjust to the reality of it while maintaining life in the confines of human existence, Jose was driven by an artistic compulsion to attempt to recreate the experience of living-color as indelibly pressed into his human memory of that other-worldly environment. We, who can now see for ourselves the results of Jose’s creative drive, are the benefactors of such a gift as has never before been rendered into a visible art form. It is with tremendous humility that I endorse his art as some of the most magnificent ever rendered for helping others appreciate the transcendent miracle of life. The best way to know it, is to experience it.

Venue Information

Advent Episcopal Church

13150 Spanish Garden Drive

Sun City West, AZ 85375