Deirdre Dewitt Maltby

The Near Death Experience: Meanings, Messages and Gifts …for Everyone!

Deirdre Dewitt Maltby shares her story of a journey through a complex Near Death Experience (NDE) encountered during a twelve day coma resulting from a near fatal car accident. Glimpsing the other side of life’s veil, and that of her own soul came the realization she was being held by the very essence that had created her: she was being held by God.

For ten years now she has been dealing with and processing the aftereffects of what had happened to her while on the “other side.” Garnering new perceptions, and new understandings it was there she was gifted with the first time experience of true self-love; something that had eluded her most of her life. But, upon returning to this realm, she was thrust thrust back to the everyday world of doubts and dealing with that burdensome baggage of self-worthlessness that had been carried by her for so many years. Because of childhood traumas her life-long struggles with any belief in God, and religion needed to be faced also.

Deirdre shares how her NDE has changed her life, and why the near death experience is not only for the person who experiences it but for anyone who is looking to understand a bit more about who and what we as humans are at our very core…the “US” beyond our physical selves. She asserts that near death experiences are conduits for anyone who embraces the universal messages they offer. From them, each of us can learn to grow in love, light, and the fullness of the magnificent sprits we truly are. Come hear her story and be inspired.

Deirdre’s story aired on the Biography Channel TV Series “I Survived Beyond and Back” She has authored the book “While I Was Out..” and a subsequent book of “Whispers” that have been gifted to her from above since her NDE. “This is For You…” both available on Amazon. She shares via radio and in person throughout the year and is an active member of the International Association For Near Death Studies. She will speak at their National Conference in Seattle at the end of Aug.

Store owner and artist, Deirdre, her husband Dan and beloved dog Reebok, have just relocated from the mountains of Colorado to Prescott Arizona; the also own a home here in Sun City West. Website: Facebook pages: While I Was Out Whispers from God…Words for the Soul

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Advent Episcopal Church

13150 Spanish Garden Drive

Sun City West, AZ 85375