Tricia Barker


Tricia Barker experienced a profound near-death experience during her senior year of college, and this experience guided her to teach overseas, in public schools, and at the college level.  Her near-death experience story has been featured on I Survived:  Beyond and Back, Season 1, Episode 5 and covered in National Geographic’s April 2016 article “The Crossing.”

Tricia’s completed manuscript, Healed, tells a story of her near-death experience, teaching mission, and eventual triumph over trauma in her past.  The book also focuses on the importance being of service to the world and the healing power of giving unconditional love to others.

Tricia is a graduate of The University of Texas. She also received her MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College.  Currently, she teaches English and Creative Writing at a beautiful community college in Fort Worth, Texas.  Tricia’s poetry and essays have been published in several publications including The Binnacle, The Paterson Literary Review, and The Midwest Quarterly.

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